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Articles and features

Are you a magazine looking for inspiration? I'd love Touchwood Aquilegias to be featured on your pages. I try and keep it to one main gardening magazine a year here in the UK, so each year just one magazine has an 'exclusive'. Looking for quality images to enhance the feature? Start your search at these sites where Raffaella Sirtoli has galleries depicting all you may require, and much more. Queen of Aquilegias and The Lady of Aquilegias

Touchwood Aquilegias also appeared TV June 2012. It was on the Welsh program, Byw yn yr Ardd follow the link to watch on Youtube, selecting English subtitles with the caption button, 2nd icon bottom right. Note blodau sipsi means gypsy flowers. In this part of Wales they seem often to be known as bonet sipsi and by the English version of that, gypsy bonnets.

Some of the articles and pieces written by Carrie...or about Touchwood Aquilegias: follow the links below to each feature

For articles in foreign languages (non-English) click here.

Plant Profile: Aquilegias
Aquilegia flower: Touchwood feature in Gardens Illustrated Magazine, May 2013

Feature in Gardens Illustrated Magazine in May 2013

April 2013: Magazine now available in your local shops. However, if you have missed buying Gardens Illustrated May 2013, you can buy it later as a back issue there's a special page in the magazine telling you how to do that. Then of course there's always the digital editions, for those who have the technology.

Sowing Aquilegias
Aquilegia flower: Touchwood feature in 'The Rock Garden', magazine of the Scottish Rock Garden Club, Spring 2012

Feature I wrote in 'The Rock Garden', Magazine of the Scottish Rock Garden Club. Spring 2012

AQUILEGIAS... but not as you know them!
Aquilegia flower: Touchwood feature in 'Garden News' magazine, May 2012

Feature in 'Garden News' Magazine May 1st 2012

Plant Support Trial for AQUILEGIAS... results
Aquilegia plant supports: Touchwood feature in 'Plant Heritage' magazine, Spring 2012

Article I wrote of my results here at Touchwood.

Featured in 'Plant Heritage' Magazine Spring 2012

Touchwood Aquilegias
Aquilegia plant: Touchwood feature in 'The Bay' magazine, May 2012

Featured in 'The Bay', Magazine May 2012

A is for Aquilegia
Touchwood aquilegia nursery rows: Touchwood feature in Ranunculaceae Group Newsletter, Spring 2012

Feature I wrote for Ranunculaceae Group Spring Newsletter 2012

Double Yellow Aquilegias: Sun or Stars?
aquilegia yellow double touchwood

Snippet I wrote for 'The Cottage Gardener' Magazine of the Cottage Garden Society, March 2011


Feature in 'Country Living' Magazine May 2011


Feature in 'The Garden'; Magazine of the RHS May 2010

RHS: Royal Horticultural Society

Granny's Bonnets: my growing passion

Feature I wrote on aquilegias for Amateur gardening magazine, May 2nd 2009

Aquilegias:plants for every garden

Feature I wrote on aquilegias for the Hardy Plant Society, Spring 2008

Calling all plant lovers

Feature on aquilegia collection in Swansea Life magazine April-May 2008

Passion, Perfection & Poison

Feature I wrote for 'Essence' the magazine of BFVEA

Carrie's passion blooms again

South Wales Evening Post May 2008

Private garden's global importance wins recognition

Western Mail May 2008


article in cottage garden society magazine autumn 2005


Articles in the Hardy Plant Society, Correspondent's Group Magasine 2007 & 2003

In love with AQUILEGIAS

Feature I wrote in The English Garden Magazine April 2006

6 of the Best

Feature in Gardeners' World Magazine May 2007


Feature in the South Wales Evening Post May 2007


Article in Hardy Plant Society Magazine 2002


Article in Hardy Plant Society Magazine Spring 2003


Article in Hardy Plant Society Magazine 2004

Briza Maxima

Article in Cottage Garden Society Magazine 2003

Deptford Pink

Article in Cottage Garden Society Magasine 2006

Wallflowers (incl. sempervivums)

Letter to North American Rock Garden Society Magasine 1999

HEALING BONNETS? using aquilegias in flower essences
Touchwood Flower Essences

Article in West Wales Herb Group Summer 2006

WALKING the DRAGON a walk on Gower peninsula, Swansea

Article in Swansea Life September 2008